Texting – A Cool Tool

8 Sep

Comedian Rhonda Rhea said on Facebook:  “I heard the average teen sends 3,000 texts a month. I always knew my kids were above average.”


Pam and I are avowed “texters.” We send text messages to our husbands when we all travel in ministry in the U.S. and around the world. We appreciate the “instant” quality of text messaging; it’s one way we keep in touch with those we love. The abbreviations and shortcuts of text messaging are fun, once a person learns the language.

Phone texting is a cool tool, but it cannot compare to receiving  “text” messages from God ~ His communication to us through His Word ~ and our messages to Him in prayer. Communicating with God involves time, thought, and study.

God wants to communicate with us, and His Word is a wonderful tool in our lives to understand the Lord and serve Him. That understanding comes through the Holy Spirit who guides us into truth (John 16:13).

A young mom of preschoolers described the Bible as a “dead” book. “It’s full of riddles, contradictions, and confusion,” she said to a pastor’s wife. “It just doesn’t speak to me.” As the pastor’s wife probed into her spiritual condition, she realized that the woman had never received God’s gift of eternal life in Christ. She smiled and replied with compassion, “It’s because you don’t know the author, dear. If you knew him, he would speak to you and make the meanings clear.” We need to know the author to understand the scriptures (1 Cor 2:13-14).

Jesus spoke God’s words to us to bring us fullness of joy. As we spend time with Him, He will speak to our hearts (Romans 15:4).

~ Parts adapted from LOL with God

Are you a texter? When do you use texting most?

What part of God’s “Text Message” to us ~ the Bible ~ brings you the most joy?


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