Joy ~ The Salve in Marriage

11 Sep

“At our wedding rehearsal, when the minister said, ‘For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or in health,’ Gail responded, ‘I’ll take better … rich … and healthy!’  …

Bride Thinking… The minister reminded us that it wasn’t multiple choice!” ~ Comedian Dave Veerman

Marriage is no laughing matter, but laughter is an important ~ maybe crucial ~ part of keeping the relationship healthy and alive.

Comedian Ken Davis is the editor for a new book by Focus on the Family (2010) called Happily Ever Laughter. Davis writes, “Marriages need the kind of laughter that comes out of joy. And joy always involves choices we make. We have good reasons, even in marriage, to choose joy!”

Even when difficulties come ~ when life gets downright uncomfortable and stretches us until we think we’ll snap ~ we can choose our attitudes. “Deciding to choose joy doesn’t mean we pretend that life isn’t hard,” Davis writes. “Joy never says, ‘I just love beating myself on the thumb with a hammer because it feels so good when I stop!’ Joy says, ‘Yeah, that hurt. It hurt something fierce! … We need to see that just because life is difficult doesn’t mean there are no more reasons to laugh.”

Are you married? Most likely, you entered into the relationship with joy. What tough circumstances might have hardened or embittered you, robbing you of joy? Is the very thing you loved about your spouse now grating on your nerves? Do you need to re-appreciate those gifts? Forgive hurtful words or actions? Ask forgiveness yourself? The enemy wants to steal the joy right out of your marriage. Don’t let him succeed! God encourages a man to rejoice in the wife of his youth (Proverbs 5:18b) ~ He wants joy in our homes!

Bill and Pam Farrel, relationship specialists, have written many books that can help you revitalize your marriage. Check them out here!

Pam and I hope you will take every opportunity to choose joy. The Lord knows joy is the salve that will soothe many a rough road in matrimony.

When did laughter soothe a tough place in your marriage?

Can you share a story to encourage others?


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