Don’t Blame the Recliner!

15 Sep

“The handle on my recliner apparently doesn’t qualify

as an exercise machine. Who knew?” ~ anonymous

Red ReclinerI’m (Dawn) looking for excuses to exercise these days. Glued to my computer with writing, I’m counting even little motions as calorie-burners. I’ve discovered that kissing burns 150 calories per every 90 minutes of kissing, but my husband and I, though still madly in love, aren’t ready for that! Did you know you can burn the same number of calories pushing a grocery cart for 90 minutes? Does that make sense to you? Pushing a cart of food and kissing burn the same number of calories?

Sitting at rest, I will burn a whopping 1.6 calories per hour. That means that in the four hours I’ve been writing today, I have burned 6.4 calories. Hmmm… that means that if I work at my desk for 12 hours, I can have one 22-calorie Hershey Kiss!

On a more serious note, every one of us needs to plan for healthy exercise. It’s part of our stewardship of the body God gave us (1 Cor. 3:16; 6:19-20; 3 John 1:2). We really won’t lose any weight or get healthier by crankin’ a recliner handle. But don’t blame the recliner for flabby muscles.  Thank it sincerely for years of service and then replace it with an exercise bike!

Here are ten simple, everyday ways to add movements that can enhance your regular exercise routine.

  1. Pick Up Sticks … or whatever is near you of a reasonable weight  (phone book, Bible, telephone) and lift it over your head 10-15 times. Switch arms. Or pick up a small child, carefully, three times.
  2. Get Your Teeth in It! People normally brush their teeth for 90 seconds to two minutes. Use this time to do some knee squats or lunges instead.
  3. Pull the Trigger! The “trigger” is anything (like when a phone rings) that reminds you to pull in your stomach (abs) for a count of 15  … or, in the car,  tighten your rear end for a count of 15 at every stop light.
  4. Dish Out Some Exercise. When you wash dishes, stand on the ball of your feet and lower your feet to the floor, up and down, to stretch your calf muscle).
  5. Climb, Baby, Climb! Take stairs whenever you can. Or march in place in an elevator (preferably, alone) if you get winded on stairs.
  6. Pooch Power … and no, I’m not talking about that poochy tummy. Walk the dog, or at least, play fetch. The dog needs exercise, too!
  7. Make Like a Tree and Leaf! Put on some soft music and sway like a tree, all over your house, or as you walk down the hall to another room. Stretch and sway, stretch and sway …
  8. Be a Ding-a-Ling. Set a timer for five or ten minutes, and clean the house like crazy, as quickly as you can. When you hear the ding, stop! No sense overdoing a good thing.
  9. Push Away from the Refrigerator! Really. Before you open the refrigerator door, stand two feet away from it and put your hands on the door and do 10 “push ups,” being careful not to knock off all the photos, coupons, and magnets, of course.
  10. Chatty Ballerina. While on the telephone or cell phone, pretend you are a ballerina and move slowly, gracefully, stretching tired muscles in arms, legs, and back. Bend in a deep curtsy when you hang up the phone.

Besides sports, what do YOU do to cut calories and get your body moving?


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