R U Negotiating with God?

19 Sep

“My (Dawn’s) granddaughter, ‘Miss M,’ is such a character. Her mom gave her a ‘consequence’ for a problem that came up. She put her shoes in time out!

“”M’ is such a girly girl that she totally freaked out. She is a negotiator, too. ‘Don’t take the sparkle tennis shoes … take the sandals! PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!‘”

Sparke Tennis ShoesI think about all the times I try to negotiate with God. Sometimes I, too, am suffering a consequence for a sinful or unwise choice. I don’t like bad consequences! But then God reminds me that I will always reap what I sow (Galatians 6:7-8), so I need to be more proactive in making wiser choices!

When the Apostle Paul says “Be not deceived,” that should tell us we need to be alert, because we have an enemy who is a liar (John 8:44) and wants us to believe his lies. Satan wants us to think that we can sin or live foolishly and get away with it. Isn’t that what he told Eve in the Garden? (see Genesis 3:1-4, 13.) That’s why it is so important to know the truth of the Word of God.

That scripture also says “God is not mocked.” Now I like to think that I don’t mock God, but isn’t that what I do when I try to get away with sinful, foolish living?

I’ve never seen a farmer plant potatoes and get a crop of soy beans. The same is true spiritually. My spiritual harvest is going to sprout out from my everyday choices, biblical and wise … or not … because Romans 2:6 says God is going to “render to every man (and woman) according to his (or her) deeds.” And all the bargaining and debating and negotiating in the world won’t change that.

Perhaps you think of those verses in a negative light. (Why do we do that?) But the truth is, whenever we sow to the Spirit ~ whenever we make wise, biblical, eternity-based choices that please God and advance His kingdom and build up others ~ the reward is great! And the reward isn’t just Godward.  Sowing to the Spirit affects others here and now, too. If a wife sows to the Spirit, her husband is going to have a wife who loves, encourages, and blesses him! If a mom sows to the Spirit, her children will grow in the knowledge of God. If any woman sows to the Spirit, her neighbors, co-laborers, and friends will see Jesus!

This is the joy of holy living!

Instead of spending so much time negotiating with God to not cause me to experience the consequences of my choices, I need to confess sin and own up to my foolish thinking and ways,  thank Him for the lessons He’s teaching me, and then make better choices!

How about you … are you ready to toss out the excuses and make better choices?  How do you think we “sow to the Spirit”? What does that look like for you?


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