Thunder Thighs!

3 Oct

“What’s amazing to me now is that I actually recall fixating on the fact that my thighs a-l-m-o-s-t touched at the top….

Woman's legs in long shorts“If I could go back in time and slap my 18-year-old self, I would. I would tell her to ‘Snap out of it!” ~ because that’s the best your thighs will ever be.

“You should take pictures of your thighs right now, so you can remember how amazing they were!”

~ Anita Renfroe (from “Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You: Kids, Carbs, and the Coming Hormonal Apocalypse”)

Even at my (Dawn’s)  skinniest self, when my friends called me “Scrawnie Dawnie,” I still had Thunder Thighs, as Daddy called them.  I never had that little window of light that was supposed to show between your legs … my thighs were more of the rubbing themselves raw variety!As a teenager and college student, and even as a young mom, I hated my thighs.  Now, I’d pay a month’s salary to get them back. I don’t recognize these cellulite-packed appendages!

But seriously, does it make a difference? Our physical goal should be good health, not skinny thighs. I learned some time ago that my wide body (even when I’m my best weight) is part of my German heritage. More than that, it’s part of the design God created. Who am I to question God? “What were you thinking, Father, when you designed these wide hips and thighs, and hey, what about these big feet?”

The scriptures say that I am “remarkably and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14, HCSB). If I am not content with the way God made me, I am saying, “You didn’t do a good job, Lord.” God’s purposes are beyond us; He knows why I have these thighs, these feet.

I recently found out that I have an eye condition that will prevent me from wearing contact lenses and eye make-up for a long time (if ever). I’ve got to tell you, that’s a blow to my girly pride. But life is not about anything temporal like make-up and fashion. Life is about our living out the message of grace and truth that God has placed into our hearts. So I will deal with it and make my self presentable, and get on with serving God. It’s all about Him, not us.

So, I’m praying today:  God, I thank you for my Thunder Thighs. They are strong, and they will take me where you want me to go!

How about you, Sisters? Is there some part of your body that you just cannot seem to accept? Will you give that to God and move on to represent Him and the Kingdom?


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