No Clue!

10 Nov

WomanKnitting“A police officer saw a lady driving and knitting at the same time. After driving next to her for a while, he yelled, “Pull over!”

“No!” she called back. “It’s a pair of socks!

~ Author unknown

Talk about not having a clue!

I’m not even going to start in here about this gal being a blonde. Blondes are accused of far too many “clueless” things, and now that I am one (to cover the gray), I don’t find them as funny anymore. And no one can tell me that brunettes and redheads have perfect minds!I ran across a Brunette joke the other day. But actually, it’s still a blonde joke in disguise.

Question: “What do you call a brunette with a blonde standing on either side?

Answer: An interpreter.

See what I mean?

That word “clueless” is interesting. Does it mean that a person once had a clue, and now doesn’t, or that a person never had a clue in the first place? And does it really make a difference?

A clueless person is “totally uninformed about what is going on … not even having a clue from which to infer what is occurring.”

Most of the people in this world are clueless about what’s really going on. They live and die and never understand that there’s a battle raging every day between the Creator and one of His creations ~ a battle for the souls of humans.

Before the enemy (Satan, Lucifer, the devil) was cast from heaven (Luke 10:18), he had some pretty arrogant goals ~ all spelled out in the “I will” statements of Isaiah 14:12-14.

  • “I will ascend into heaven.”
  • “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.”
  • “I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.”
  • “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.”
  • “I will be like the Most High.”

Satan wanted God’s power, authority, and dwelling place as his own. Did he forget that God was the Creator? Did he just not care? Actually, I think the enemy didn’t have a clue the scary position he was in. And Satan didn’t have a clue later, when Jesus died, that the Savior’s resurrection would end up securing his defeat.

It seems that the enemy’s delight today is in blinding the eyes of people (2 Cor. 4:40 so they do not turn to God’s marvelous light. He is so self-absorbed and so desires worship for himself (Ezek. 28:17; 1 Tim. 3:6) that he can’t stand it when people worship God.

The Lord desires for us to know Him! (Jer. 9:23-24), but Satan loves it when people don’t have a clue about their own pride … their own need of a Savior. If we love people, we will give those who are “totally uninformed” (clueless) the truth of the Gospel, and pray that God will open their eyes.

Note: The humor is from 365 Days of Heavenly Humor for Women;

and the graphic above is from a Knitting blog.


One Response to “No Clue!”

  1. Teresa November 12, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    I just have to comment on the blonde part…..I am a true blonde…
    “Blonde jokes came out after Brunettes decided to dye their hair Blonde and so the blonde jokes are for brunettes, red heads, anyone who dyes their hair…except true blondes…check the eyebrows…LOL”
    just sayin….

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