Invest in Forever

12 Nov

AngryBoy_BrokenToy“By the time you talk your child into writing a thank you note for a birthday gift, it’s already broken!” ~ Bruce Lansky, humorist and poet

Boy, isn’t that the truth. My (Dawn’s) boys’ toys used to break, and then they’d get creative and play with the boxes the toys came in! So I used to call the real toys “Temporary Toys.”

Everything in this life is temporary: health, success, work, sunrise/sunset, good times/bad times, pain, celebrations, emotions, relationships, etc.

As Gaither vocal Band member Mark Lowry points out in his comedy  routine concerning Luke 2:1 (at Christmas), everything “comes to pass.” Nothing lasts forever ~ well, almost nothing. Two things do endure and go into eternity:  the souls of people and the truth of God’s Word. With that in mind, the wise person will invest in things that last.

Matthew 6:19-21 tells us to store up “treasures” that won’t fade away or crumble. Investing in eternity isn’t just about using money for godly projects, although that is good stewardship. We should serve God as faithfully as we can with our time, finances, skills, education, abilities, family, etc. We should share the Gospel, to try to take as many people with us to heaven as possible! Jesus is coming, and the Bride of Christ must make herself ready!

Charles Orr wrote, “Having the heart in heaven is the secret of living heavenly.” Therefore, we must guard our hearts (Prov. 4:23). To be truly alive is to Always Live In Light of Eternity, as our friend Ken Nichols says.

Make living for eternity an adventure ~ invest in forever! Think about storing up treasure, and send some on ahead. Be intentional. How will you make a lasting difference, otherwise?


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