Need a “Sister?”

14 Nov

Two men are building a house. One of them is putting on the siding. He picks up a nail hammers it in. Picks up another nail, throws it away.

Hammer & NailPicks up a hammer, hammers it in. Picks up another, throws it away. This goes on for a while, and finally his friend comes over and asks him why he is throwing half of the nails away.

“Those ones were pointed on the wrong end,” he replies.

The buddy gets exasperated and says, “You idiot. Those nails are for the other side of the house!”

This reminds me (Pam) of something I wrote in Woman of Confidence* about the concept of “sistering.”

Years ago, when we built our home, we hammered two-by-fours together on bearing walls and around doors and windows so they could hold more weight. We later discovered that the building term for this is sistering.

Isn’t that what women of all ages and stages of life need, sisters who can come alongside and help bear our burdens and cheer us on as we walk out God’s adventrue for our lives?

Get yourself some “sisters,” some fine-tuning friends, and the adventure will seem more possible ~ and a whole lot more fun! After all, you need sisters to celebrate with you when you succeed in life’s adventure, right?

I started an organization called Seasoned Sisters to encourage, equip, and educate Logowomen (ages 40-65+) ~ and to encourage this kind of “sistering.”

Check it out!


* (Harvest House Publishers, 2009) p. 123


One Response to “Need a “Sister?””

  1. Naomi Shedd November 16, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    I started my Seasoned Sister group in Jan. 2009. It was one of the best decision I have ever made. We love laughing together, learning together, praying together and serving together. They just “sistered” me thru a terrible time of vertigo. Where were I be without my sisters. I thank God for them regularly.

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