How Many White Socks Have You Washed?

14 Jan

White Sock AwardOne way to LOL is commit to celebrating everything you can possibly think of. My (Pam’s) “joy zone” team in my office gave me an Idea Award, because they saw in my husband’s Facebook post that I laughed at a sign which read, “I am not bossy; I just have better ideas.” He didn’t think it was a joke. He thought I really believed that! So the team gave me an award for my “great ideas.”

I have a line in my book Fantastic After 40, which shows that we women can get a little emotional as our kids leave the nest. When Brock was a senior in high school, I said to him, “Oh, Brock, this might be the last football game of yours I will ever be at (it wasn’t ~ he got a four-year scholarship to be a college QB, and now he is a football coach); then I said, “Oh, Brock, this might be the last Thanksgiving we are all together as a family, so will you bless dinner?” (It wasn’t the last family vacation ~ our family has enjoyed many memories together and the family keeps growing and adding new members, which just multiplies the fun.)

The most humorous response to all my “Oh, this might be the last . . .”  laments was on a day in the spring of Brock’s senior year. He was folding laundry and he picked up a white sock and said, “Mom, this might be the last white sock of mine you will ever fold! Want to fold my laundry?” (I didn’t fold it then ~ and it was definitely not the last white sock ever folded!)

Farrel Men in SunglassesHowever, recently I was celebrated for a landmark event.  Bill and I launched our last of three sons out of the nest! Robin, who is the “joy zone” manager, my prayer partner and best friend, gave me the “Last White Sock” award for successfully launching three amazing sons into the world. Many women would weep the day the nest empties, but to me, it is a wonderful day to celebrate God’s faithfulness, His victories, and His amazing provision for three men who have been raised to be wonderful world changers.

When the blues come knocking at your door, look for a way to turn that transition into a celebration. God believes in awards and celebrations.

Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. (James 1:12)

If you need some help managing mid-life, pick up Fantastic After 40. There are many LOL moments and lots of powerful advice on maximizing mid-life and keeping your joy.

Plan a LOL celebration ~ call some friends and hand out awards ~ because girls, we have all earned some!


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