Resurrection Power: Not Just for Easter!

18 Jan

Light switch - offA man was browsing in a souvenir shop when another man struck up a conversation. Suddenly, just as the first man was telling saying that his wife was getting carried away with her shopping, a brief power shortage caused the lights to flicker overhead.

“Ah, ” he sighed. “That must be her checking out at the register.” *

Having lived through several power outages while my family was stationed in Keflavik, Iceland, I (Dawn) know the desperate problems that can ensue when the power goes out for an extended time. We can’t accomplish normal living tasks without, at the minimum, a light and heat source. Modern Americans are so dependent on electricity and oil. It wouldn’t take much to send  us reeling back to third-world conditions without them.

But with power, we can accomplish much.

I am encouraged and challenged by Jennifer Kennedy Dean‘s words about faith that is lived vibrantly through the power of prayer. In her book, Fueled by Faith, she appeals to my desire to live with purpose and courage, a valiant warrior for Christ.

“Leave behind tame, timid, play-it-safe, follow-the rules faith,” wrote Dean.  “Learn to exercise an outrageous, get-out-of-the-boat, resurrection faith.” **

I think that last phrase is the key for me. I too often relegate thoughts about the EmptyTomb_GoldenLightresurrection to Easter Sunday, when it should be the motivating factor in my life. Because of the resurrection ~  because Jesus said to His disciples shortly after the resurrection,  “all authority (power) is given unto Me” (Matthew 28:1-20, especially v. 18) ~ I can take courage and live beyond my own abilities. The resurrection changed everything! But I must appropriate resurrection power by faith.

“When faith is exercised on the earth,” Dean wrote, “the power of God is released into the situation.” The Faith Chapter (Hebrews 11) is full of saints who placed their faith in God and saw Him work in power through them or on their behalf. We are connected to the power of God through the Holy Spirit, and we commune with the Spirit through prayer.

The One who calls us empowers us to do His will, but we do not believe in prayer (Matthew 21:21-22). “The act of prayer is speaking faith,” Dean says [emphasis mine].

Do I believe that God answers prayer? Do I dare pray big “impossible” prayers for the glory of His kingdom? Such power praying takes courage, but also humility and a surrendered heart. But one thing’s for sure, resurrection power was not simply for the saints of old. It is for us today, if we will but ask and believe (John 16:24).

Boost your prayers with renewed faith, and take courage, Friend. Jesus has all the power you will ever need.

*Terri H, Thrifty Fun,

** Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Fueled by Faith (New Hope Publishers, 2005) pp. 13, 135, 187


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