Look and Feel Younger!

7 Mar

A woman came to the door of a surgeon’s home and rang the bell. A small child, the doctor’s NurseCostume_Childfour-year-old daughter, answered.

“Is your father home?” the woman sweetly asked.

“Not right now,” the little girl replied. “He’s performing an appendectomy.”

The woman leaned down and condescendingly smiled. “My, that’s a mighty big word for a little girl like you. Do you know what it means, dear?”

Whereupon the child brightened and responded quickly, “Sure! It means about three thousand bucks, not counting the anesthesiologist!” *

I (Dawn) found that story in a book from the late 1990s. I’d expect an appendectomy costs a lot more now. As we get older, we’ll probably spend more time in the doctor’s office. But my friend, Arlene Pellicane, shared a lot of great ways to look and feel younger in her new book, 31 Days to a Younger You. ** And if you follow her advice, there might be fewer visits to the doctor’s office, too! Her book offers physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual insight and advice for a balanced, God-honoring lifestyle.

I laughed as I read Arlene’s “Fashion Don’ts after Forty” (p. 111):

  • Don’t wear over-sized, baggy clothes.
  • Don’t wear low-rise jeans.
  • Don’t wear overalls.
  • Don’t wear your skirts too short.
  • Don’t wear white pantyhose.
  • Don’t wear old-lady prints.
  • Don’t wear overdone details such as gold buttons and gold trim.

I did OK on those. But boy, did I ever blow it in some other areas she discusses … like not getting enough sleep, and eating too much fast food, and not laughing enough! (You’d think, having co-written LOL with God, that I would have that last one down ~ but I’ve discovered that I still want more laughter in my life to balance out all the “heavy” things I think and write about.)

[Before I forget … don’t miss a special event with Arlene on March 12th … more about that, below!]

In her book, Arlene offers “Rx” advice (personal prescriptions) for the heart, mind, and body, weaving scripture and wisdom into practical insights ~ such as the importance of guarding your heart (Proverbs 4:23), disciplining your body (1 Corinthians 9:27), and fixing your eyes on the eternal, not the temporary (2 Corinthians 4:18).

One of my favorite chapters is “Childlike Prayers.” Arlene wrote (p. 53), “When my son was only four years old, to my delight he already had a tender heart for God. One night after bedtime prayers he said, ‘Mommy, I love God so much. I love Him from the top of our house to the bottom of the floor, then one billion inches down, and the back to the sky. That’s how much I love Him. That’s a lot. It’s like 100 plus 50.”

Isn’t that precious, to hear little Ethan’s excitement in prayer? Is it a bit convicting, too? I mean, do you still have that kind of enthusiasm when you pray?

Arlene has a special gift of  being able to take powerful truth concepts and boil them down to the basics ~ exactly what we need to hear.

March 12 EventIf you are in the San Diego area, I encourage you to attend a special event with Arlene Pellicane and Pam Farrel called “Your Day to Glow.” The March 12 event is at the Kroc Center from 9am to 2pm, with lunch included. There will be makeovers, a workout gear fashion show, and fitness options to work out at the center ~ a pool, gym, roller skating, etc. Register at love-wise ~ quickly!

Jesus encouraged us with these words: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Arlene is one of the wonderful women Pam and I know who points people to Jesus and radiant, abundant life in Him!

* Al Sanders,  I’m Trying to Number My Days, But I Keep Losing Count! (Waterbrook Press, 1998), p. 46

** Arlene Pellicane, 31 Days to a Younger You: No Surgery, No Diets, No Kidding (Harvest House Publishers, 2010)


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