Don’t Laugh ~ You’re Getting Older, Too!

27 Mar

Old Woman Exercising _ with WeightsHumorist Leigh Ann Jasheway writes in her book I’m Not Getting Older (I’m Getting Better at Denial), that you know you are in midlife if:

  • You think you still look twenty-something. From the back. At night. In the fog.
  • The words “for someone your age” don’t need to scare you. For example: “You certainly have nice legs for someone your age.”
  • You can look at the glass half empty. You can look at the glass half full. Or you can look at the glass and wonder, “Did I or didn’t I just drink my soy milk?”
  • This is the year you’ve decided to be adventurous. Why not get a tattoo? A tattoo of your address and phone number could not only be attractive, but very useful in those memory emergencies.
  • [You are] looking for a new exercise program. Try the Memory Loss Workout. Go to the kitchen. Now, try to remember why you’re there. Walk back to the living room. Try to find your keys. Okay, breathe. *

Pam shared Jasheway’s subtle humor in her own book Fantastic After 40! (available at Love-Wise). Pam shared plenty of her own humor, too, such as her discovery (after 40) that she could use her “blondness” as an excuse for her forgetfulness and slide right into menopause as the reason she can’t remember where she parked her car. And “I can forget people’s names,” she said, “and just call everyone ‘Sweetie,’ and get away with it.” *

I love this book. It helped me focus on some of the changes in my life, and realize that I had girlfriends going through the same thing. Pam uses the book as one of the resources for Seasoned Sisters, a group of women ages 40+ who meet once a month to laugh together, learn together, pray together, and serve together. I’m a “Seasoned Sister,” and proud of it!

We’re all getting older. No question about that. It’s a natural process. I remember that when I was 18, I thought 40-year-olds were ancient. As I passed that age myself, I felt ancient, but my mind was still alive and ready for fresh adventures. Then, in my late 40s, with an empty nest and emptier heart, I suddenly began to believe the lie that I was “over the hill” and that God was finished with using me.

Imagine my surprise when, right before I turned 50, God called me to go back to college and get my degree, and then He called me to teach a women’s Sunday school class, and then He called me to start a women’s ministry … and then I co-wrote LOL with God … and the adventure continues!

Whether it was experiencing the patta-patta of my babies’ feet running across my kitchen floor, or my first crow’s feet, or my first foot cramps in bed, my walk with God continues and will continue until God calls me home. What I’ve discovered along the way is that the journey is a whole lot more fun when I stop complaining and choose to enjoy each season of life. There is more contentment when I focus on my relationship with God instead of my arthritis and hearing loss or tight budget.

Our attitudes truly share our lives, no matter our age or circumstances.

OlderMom_Mother's DayEvery once in a while, I see a young woman roll her eyes or point or laugh as she observes an older woman. I want to smack her upside the head ~ older women have enough things to deal with, without that! But seriously, I want to stop the mocker and say, “Don’t laugh. You’ll be old someday. In fact, you are getting older every day. Deal with it!”

(Respect for the elderly isn’t as valued in the West, and it’s a shame. There is much that the young can learn from their elders. All it requires is humility, respect, patience, and a listening ear. But I’ll save that for another post.)

In Fantastic After 40!, Pam says, “After 40 is the season to remodel your life, remake your future, and renew your passion for the people and priorities you hold dear.” * I like that. Remodel … remake … renew. Those words sound like hope. And the wonderful thing is, I don’t have to handle those three “re” goals by myself. God is in the remodeling, remaking, renewing business. He is preparing us for heaven, and shaping us into the image of His Son (Romans 8:29; Ephesians 5:27; 1 Corinthians 15:49; 1 John 3:1-2). He’s not done with us yet!

Like I said ~ it’s an adventure. And as Pam so wisely says, “The Rest Can Be the Best!”

* Pam Farrel, Fantastic After 40 (Harvest House Publishers, 2007), pp. 188, 9, 22


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