Silly Thinking

31 Mar

Silly thinking is all around us … as in this scenario, called “Who’s Fault Is It?” A man named Bob had a little accident. He slipped on a Banana Peel and ended up fracturing his skull. Who’s at fault in this situation?

  1. Bob, who threw the Banana Peel on the floor.
  2. Bob’s floor wax manufacturer.
  3. The Banana Importer.
  4. The Grocery Store that sold them.
  5. The newspaper that ran the ad for the bananas.
  6. The Banana Farmer that grew them.

DuraflameLog_warningIf your answer was 2, 3, 4, 5, and/or 6, you are probably Bob’s Lawyer! *

Some lawyers’  cases are truly strange. Because of this, manufacturers love to offer product warnings or helpful advice, and some are pretty silly.

(In case you can’t read the label on the Duraflame Fire Log, it says, “Warning: Risk of Fire.” LOL!

Other examples:

  • On a blanket from Taiwan:  “Not to be used as protection from a tornado.”
  • In some countries, on the bottom of Coke bottles: “Open other end.”
  • On a bag of Fritos: “You could be a winner! No Purchase necessary. Details inside.”
  • On a string of Chinese-made Christmas lights:  “For indoor or outdoor use only.”
  • On a Harry Potter Toy Broom: “This broom does not actually fly.”
  • On Domino Pure Cane Granulated Sugar: “Ingredient: Sugar” **

We laugh at these silly statements. “How foolish,” we say. But there is a lot of silly thinking going on in the world today.

The Bible comments about foolish thinking in many of the Proverbs; but did you know there is a statement in the Bible about foolishness that has eternal consequences?

In Psalm 14:1, David says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” The Bible calls this atheistic (no-God) thinking, “foolishness.” Thinking there is no God is silly, he said. In a sense, David offered a wise “warning label” ~ godlessness is foolish. Don’t think this way!

Some atheists argue that this verse doesn’t describe all atheists. “Atheism isn’t the denial of any and all gods, just the absence of belief in gods,” wrote one columnist on a pro-atheist website.

The truth is, David ~ a man after the heart of God ~ was simply observing the lives of those around him (much as King Solomon did) and noting the behavior of the godless. The last part of Psalm 14:1 says, “They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.”

This does not mean that people who refuse to acknowledge cannot do good things. A person can be a total pagan and a humanitarian. He may have devised his own style of morality and appear to be “good.” But isn’t it reasonable that a person who says there is “no God”  has a heart that is far away from God? The Bible clearly says that none of us is good (Romans 3:10-12; Ecclesiastes 7:20) apart from Him. Even our “goodness” is tainted with self, and from God’s holy perspective, is dirty (Isaiah 64:6a).

Yet I (Dawn) am not as concerned about the opinions of atheists at the moment. I’m more concerned about my own heart… and yours, if you are a Bible-believing Christian.

I’ve had to examine my heart, and ask this question ~ “Am I living as if there is no God?” If I am, aren’t I living like a fool? John 5:15 says that we can “do nothing” apart from God, but we sure do try to go it alone sometimes, don’t we?

Instead of demonstrating that we honor and listen to the God of the Bible ~ instead of demonstrating the core values of our faith ~ we sometimes drift into “Christian-ese” and shallow living. We may even begin to act like those who don’t know and honor Him. The Bible describes the ungodly this way: “They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him” (Titus 2:16). The ungodly are disobedient and self-centered, and their minds and conscience are dirty (not pure before God). They live for the flesh and their deeds show that they don’t pay attention to God’s Word.

One of the statements that has most impacted my life is a quote I heard in Bible College (and I have been unable to find the source). The statement was: “The world waits for a daily demonstration of the Christ who lives in you.” Think of that ~ the world waits to see something in us! People truly need to see the transforming power of Christ at work. Sadly, the world too often observes professing Christians living exactly the same way as the world ~ and sometimes even worse.

So let’s examine our hearts today, and see if there is any silly thinking that is sprouting into foolish living, and then ask God to transform our mind and heart (Romans 12:1-2) so we will do His will with joy.

Let’s pray that our lives demonstrate to a watching world that there really is a God in heaven!





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