“You Be Jesus!

10 Apr

PancakeBoyKevin and Ryan, ages five and three, were waiting for breakfast one Saturday morning. As their mother was preparing some pancakes, the boys began to argue loudly over who would get the first one from the griddle.

Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson.

“If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, ‘Let my brother have the first pancake. I can wait.'” she explained.

Kevin immediately turned to his younger brother and said, “Okay, Ryan. You be Jesus!” *

There are many stories on the Internet about “Jesus with Skin on.” Most are about acts of compassion done around the world in such a way that people got a clearer picture of the love of Christ.

But I (Dawn) got to thinking:  What would “Jesus with Skin on” ~ Jesus meeting relevant needs ~ look like to different people today?

  • To the person who is thirsty, Jesus in the now would look like the offer of a cup or bottle of cool, refreshing water … or maybe give money for a well in a third-world country.
  • To those who are spiritually thirsty, Jesus with skin on might be an invitation to your church so they’ll hear the Gospel, surrounded by people who care.
  • To the person who is starving, it might look like a simple sandwich offered in Jesus’ name, or taking them on a surprise visit to the grocery store.
  • To the person hungry for truth, it might be the gift of a Bible or a Bible study book that’s perfect for their age or stage in life.
  • To the person who is sick, it might be a cool cloth on the forehead, or a bowl of chicken noodle soup, or a short-but-encouraging visit or phone call, or an offer to run errands, or a simple “I’m thinking of you” card.
  • To a new mother, seriously lacking sleep, it might mean a visit to her home to rock her baby, bottle feed, and change diapers so she can snatch a power nap.
  • To a neighbor who is tense and out-of-control with her children, it might be the offer to take her children to a park for a few hours ~ to give her a break.
  • To a couple on the brink of financial disaster, it might mean a surprise check in the mail, or a bag of groceries at their front door.
  • To a woman “on overload” with too much to do, it might mean a simple offer ~ “What can I do to help? And I’m not leaving until you give me an assignment that will truly help you.”
  • To someone emotionally stretched and nearing the breaking point, it might mean a quiet lunch and a listening ear.

Kevin, in the humorous story above, wasn’t willing to be the selfless one ~ to act like Jesus. We’ve all heard the manyone anothers” of Scripture that we need to embrace and obey; but how often do we try to escape the Spirit’s gentle prompting in our heart to “be like Jesus”? We don’t like to be stretched or inconvenienced.

It’s a start to say, “Jesus, lend me Your eyes and ears and hands and feet, and especially Your heart; and help me be You to those who need You the most today.” What an adventure life would be if we did this every morning, and then followed through as the Spirit of God directed us all day long (And wouldn’t this be a great journal to keep?)

So Friends, let’s “be Jesus” as He leads us, and allow His love to flow through us like a refreshing, life-giving spring.

* From Funny Christian One Liners discussion board (on Facebook, Dave White)



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