God’s Tough Love

2 May

The definition of  “when your father gets home” is:  “the standard measure of time between crime and punishment.” *

Our guest blogger today, Felicia Alvarez, reminds us of that with this funny story.

Seven-year-old David waited in his room for his dad to get home. He’d been disobedient and disrespectful to his mother, so he sat sullenly in the corner, mulling over the discipline that was soon to be administered.


First, the jeans ...

The sound of the garage door opening and Dad’s footsteps in the hallway caused his stomach to tighten and knot. David wasn’t very sorry about his behavior, but he was sure his bottom would be. Suddenly, he had a brilliant idea and he scrambled into action.

A few minutes later, David’s dad entered his bedroom. He immediately noticed David’s strange choice of apparel. Jeans in the middle of the summer? Also, David was a slender kid, so why did his waist look so bulky?

The insightful father asked, “Son, are you wearing something underneath your jeans?”

After several guilt-filled seconds passed, David admitted, “Yes.”

His dad asked him to take off his extra layers.

  • Jeans
  • Basketball Shorts
  • Swim Shorts
  • Underwear
  • Underwear
  • Underwear
  • Underwear
  • Underwear
  • Underwear
  • Underwear

10 layers!

Silly boy, we might say. But have you ever considered how similar we are to this little seven-year-old boy? We dislike discipline and go to great lengths to avoid it.

The Scriptures acknowledge our objection to correction, “No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful!” (Hebrews 12:11a, NLT)

We always forget the second part of the verse though. It says, “But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in his way.” (Hebrews 12:11b, NLT)

God disciplines us because He loves us. God disciplines us because He wants us to develop character.

God allows circumstances and trials in our lives to mold us into who He wants us to be. We have a choice though: How are we going to react to His discipline? With nonchalance, or with humility? Father Disciplines His SonRemember, God says, “I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference” (Revelation 3:19, NLT).

David distanced himself from discipline with layers of clothes. How do you distance yourself from God’s discipline? My layers include pride, self-reliance, disobedience, apathy, and self-pity. How about yours?

Let’s abandon our layers and imitate David who obeyed his father’s words. Let’s surrender to our Heavenly Father’s discipline. Let us be thankful for the correction, for He corrects those He loves.

Felicia AlvarezFelicia Alvarez is a passionate writer, musician, and speaker for Christ who hopes to encourage people to pursue God-centered lives. To contact Felicia visit her website, www.floatingleaf.com or on Facebook. Visit her blog, too.

* http://www.free-funny-jokes.com/funny-mom-jokes-and-phrases.html


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