Monkey Business

7 Jun

NASA decided to send a shuttle into space with two monkeys and an astronaut. They trained them for months. Monkey in a Space SuitThen, when they thought they were ready, the scientists place all three in the shuttle and got ready to send them into space. As the moment came closer, NASA’s mission control center announced, “This is mission control to Monkey One. Initiate!”

At that, the first monkey started typing like mad, and suddenly the shuttle’s engines ignited and the shuttle took off.  Two hours later, NASA’s mission control center announced, “This is mission control to Monkey Two. Initiate!”

At that, the second monkey started typing like mad, and suddenly the shuttle separated from the empty fuel tanks.

Another two hours later, mission control announced, “This is mission control to the astronaut….”

At this, the astronaut responded, “I know. I know. Feed the monkeys and don’t touch anything.” *

In spite of the smartness of these monkeys, in at least one area, monkeys aren’t so smart. Have you heard how African monkeys are captured for zoos in the United States? Apparently, shiny metallic objects are placed in long-necked jars that are then tied to trees. As the monkeys swing through the trees, their eyes catch a glimpse of the sun shining off of something shiny. They stop, reach into the jars and grab the object, but then, when they try to pull out their closed fists, they can’t.

Oddly enough, all the monkeys would have to do to get their fists free is let go of the shiny object. But no, they sit by the jar holding onto the object, and their captors come and simply take them away! **

When I first read about this, I thought, “Now that is real monkey business ~ silly behavior.” But then I thought, “How like us!”  We reach out for things that are outside of God’s plans for us, things that keep us from experiencing true freedom ~ and soon we’re stuck in a bad habit or an addiction. We get stubborn and we won’t let go. Maybe we don’t know how to let go, so afraid that we won’t be happy without our little shiny object or past-time. We may think we won’t be satisfied in life.

Our enemy, Satan, laughs, because he knows that God has something better for us.

Is there something in your hand ~ in your life ~ that is keeping you from freedom in Christ? God wants us to put off these hindering things ~ sinful ways of life ~ and to renew our minds with biblical truth, to put on godly living (Ephesians 4:22-24). Here’s a great “put off – put on” list to help you think this through.

Maybe it’s time to quit this monkey business and let go.

* Joke submitted to “My Little Sister’s Jokes” by Kenneth, Shropshire, England []

** Adapted from 1001 Humorous Illustrations for Public Speaking, “Catching Monkeys” (#572, p. 221)


One Response to “Monkey Business”

  1. humility5 June 7, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    i pray i can see only Gods gifts as shiny!

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