Note to ‘Splash of Hope’ Readers

20 Jun

Good Morning!

We hope you are enjoying your daily “Splash of Hope” emails … that they are a high point in your morning, motivating you to think about God and how He touches and changes your life.

If you’d like to comment about:

  • what you are reading in LOL with God (the book),
  • how the Lord is speaking to you to apply an LOL principle,
  • or how a “Splash of Hope” has encouraged you,

please LEAVE A COMMENT to encourage others.Water Pouring Over You

Jesus said, “The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him” (John 7:38, HCSB)

We hope that each “Splash of Hope” is like a drink of fresh water ~ or water pouring over you ~ refreshing your spirit and adding to your summer.

Remember … you can also encourage others to sign up for the rest of the “Splashes”!

Happy reading!


Pam and Dawn


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