Stay Sharp for Your Battles

20 Jul

Bill Carlson, our friend on Facebook, is such a comedian. He loves all women in Jesus, but he does love to tell an occasional clean blonde joke. He recently shared this one on Facebook:

Two blondes were sipping their Starbucks when a truck went past loaded up with rolls of sod.

“I’m going to do that when I win the lottery,” announced Blonde #1.

“Do what?” asked Blonde #2.

“Send my lawn out to be mowed.”

“Pastor Tim” at tells another story about a woman and a lawn mower:

“I was trying to mow the lawn before my husband got home from work,” a woman said, “but our electric lawn mower refused to cooperate. It would run fine for a few seconds, then cut off, run again, cut off. Finally, I gave up and waited for my husband.

“He had a good laugh when he diagnosed the problem. Instead of plugging in the mower using a three-prong adapter, I had hooked up the cord through the Christmas-tree light blinker.” (1)

Old Lawn MowerI (Dawn) love to watch my husband try to crank up our old lawn mower. He pulls the starter cord over and over and over again. He stops and wipes his brow. He repeats this process several times. Finally, the mower starts purring (or growling, actually). One good thing about that mower is that it still cuts grass like a champ.

Not at all like my Grandpa’s old push mower. That mower must have had the world’s dullest blades! Not only did it glide over the overgrowth of weeds in the yard without cutting them, that lawn mower hardly snipped the tips of the grass.

A lawn mower with dull blades is just about useless.

Not unlike a Christian with a weak “sword.”

The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17b). As part of the armor of the believer, it is Sword of the Spirit _ Biblepotentially powerful in spiritual warfare. But many Christians ~ by lack of use or not caring to “sharpen” this powerful tool in their hands ~ aren’t very effective in cutting down the “overgrowth” of sin.

We are in a real battle today for souls. We are in a war against those things in the world and culture that want to destroy us. And we can’t fight the powers of darkness with a dull sword.

Remember, it is the Sword of the Spirit. He gives the sword its cutting edge; and the Word cuts deep and discerns the intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). The Spirit will teach us how to use the scriptures, too.

It is our sword when we learn to use it.  It’s not enough to simply read the Word, although that’s a good start. We need to study it, meditate on it, memorize it, and use it. We need to stay “sharp” … a ready tool for God to use. We need to learn discernment ~ how to apply the Word’s wisdom (perspective) to everyday circumstances. We need to know how to “wield” it to lead others to Christ.

So we must pick up our swords with purpose every day, because God is calling us to stand for Him. Knowledge and wise use of the Word of God is power! STAY SHARP for your battles!



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