We’d Like Your Help!

12 Aug

No humor today … but something sweet we wanted to share, instead.

Michelle Gewin, a doctor’s wife in Birmingham, Georgia, emailed these kinds words about our book, LOL with God:

Your book is real, AUTHENTIC... and does point me to the Lord. You can smell it in the covers that this is genuine, walked-out truth, and light ~ HAPPY!

“The women who will receive the books greatly appreciate value, and they need this.”

Michelle, who already had two books and gave away one to a woman taking a long flight home to Kyrgyzstan, “for reading on the plane,” just bought six more books to share with some influential women who live in her area.

Michelle and I (Dawn) are talking about how to get the book to women in her city who desperately need hope.

I think the strength of this book is that it introduces women to the Word of God and some deeper issues in a light, winsome way. (It’s also perfect for busy moms of any age who want a quick lift during their hectic days.) Our prayer is that women will read and apply the scriptures as well as the practical truth they find in each devotional.

Pam and I would love to hear from you.

And there are two ways you can help:

  • Can you think of creative ways to get LOL with God to women in your area who need it the most?
  • Pray with us that God will help us find ways to make a difference in women’s lives by sharing LOL with God with them.

Will you do that?  We’d love to hear from you!

Pam - Dawn - book

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