God Knows Where You Are

29 Jan

While cleaning the attic, Joan and Harry found an old stub for some shoes they left at the repair shop TEN YEARS BEFORE! They thought it would be fun to go to the shop and see if the shoes were still there. So they did.

They handed the stub to the repair man who took it and looked in the back of the store. Joan and Harry grinned at each other, thinking the shoes were probably once repaired, but then lost over the 10 years.

Then the repairman returned. “They’ll be ready on Wednesday,”he said. (1) LOL!

Banana Sippper by Kobi Lev

And I can’t resist this one…

Question: What do you call shoes made from banana skin?

Answer:  Slippers! (2) 

One of my Facebook friends and fellow-bloggers, Lisa Burkholder Keck, wrote about God’s watchful concern for us in her delightful post about some special shoes. I want to share her story with you.

Lisa begins with a scripture that makes us think: For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes.  (Proverbs 5:21, NLT)

“Bye, Will. Have a good day at school,” I called out as my eighth grader got out of the car. I pulled away from the curb and merged into the line of cars waiting to leave the parking lot where the drop-off area was. As I waited at the stop sign, I saw Madi crossing the street. I’ve watched her grow up. Our families used to go to church together.

I said a little prayer of blessing as she passed. Then I noticed her shoes. They were cute!

“She has the cutest shoes,” I thought. 

Driving down the street, I remembered the bells. More accurately, I remembered Mom and her friend Janell talking about the bells on their children’s shoes.

I represent one-fourth of those eight tiny feet that jingled as they walked. Like Mom, Janell is also blind, and the bells were their way of knowing where their children were. I don’t remember wearing bells on my shoes, so it must have been a toddler thing.

I wonder whether Mom missed the sound of the bells when it was time to take them off. I guess she would be as nostalgic about her children’s younger years as any other mother.

As I grew, Mom had a new way of keeping track of me. She’d call out my name. When I’d ask what she wanted, she’d say, “Nothing. I just wanted to know where you were.”

That reminds me of the time God called out to Adam in the garden and said, “Where are you?” (see Genesis 3:8-9) God knew very well where Adam was, so why ask? I think He asked so that Adam would realize where he was. Repentance cannot happen if we don’t recognize our sin.

God gave us the Holy Spirit, and—like my mother—He calls out my name. When I ask what He wants, He replies, “I just wanted you to know where you were.”

Bells on rebellious feet are silenced as I fall to my knees and repent. When I stand up, I head in a new direction.

What about you?

God knows where you are, but do you know where you are? Are you walking step in step with Him today? Or, like Lisa, do you need to head in a new direction?

Lisa KeckLisa Burkholder Heck is a wife and mother of one college-aged daughter and a son who is a freshman in high school. She loves seeing how God changes lives, but especially how He lets His light shine out of the dark chapters of life to minister to others.

Lisa has two blogs, Ears in the Cornfield, and When My Father Wakes Up,  which promotes her soon-to-be-self-published memoir, Then Monday Came: The Party’s Over but the Celebration Has Just Begun.

 (1) Adapted from www.jokesclean.com, “Cleaning the Attic”

(2) http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/games/jokes/jokes_galore.htm


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