God’s ‘Direct Line’

26 Feb

I read about a man in Topeka, Kansas, who decided to write a book about churches around the country. He started by flying to Washington, DC, and started working west from there.

Going to a very large church, he began taking photographs and making notes. He spotted a golden telephone in the vestibule and was intrigued with a sign which read “$10,000 a minute.”

Seeking out the pastor, he asked about the phone. The pastor answered that this golden phone was, in fact, a direct line to Heaven, and if he pays the price, he can talk directly to God.

The man thanked the pastor and continued on his way. As he continued to visit churches in Boston, Orlando, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Denver, and all around the United States, he found more phones with the same sign ~ and he got the same answer from each pastor.

Finally, he arrived in sunny San Diego. When he entered a church there, he saw the usual golden telephone; but this time, the sign read, “Calls: 50 cents.”

Fascinated, the man looked for the pastor of the church and said, “Pastor, I have been in cities all across the country, and in church I have found this golden telephone. I was told it is a direct line to Heaven and that I could talk to God; but in all the other churches the cost was $10,000 a minute. Your sign reads 50 cents a call. Why?”

The pastor, smiling, said, “Son, you’re in California now. This is God’s Country. It’s a local call. (1)

[NOTE: The original said Dallas … but anyone who lives in San Diego KNOWS that can’t be right! LOL.]

When I was a little girl, my Grandma Webb told me I could always talk to God. She said it was like I had a direct line to Him. I thought that was pretty cool, so ~ like many children ~ I talked to God a lot. I asked Him for lots of stuff, treating Him like my personal Santa Claus. I envisioned that he read over my list like Santa did, and decided whether I deserved an answer.

Then, as I got older and more “sophisticated,” I decided it was silly to talk to God. I pretty much ignored Him unless there was a crisis like a breakup with a boyfriend, or my family having to move ~ taking me away from all my friends. All my “prayers,” as a teenager and college student, were more like complaints.

I remember one precious day when I understood that my sins separated me from God, but that Jesus made a way for me to establish a link with God (Rom. 3:23; Isaiah 59:2; Rom. 6:23; 5:8; 10:3; Acts 4:12; John 1:12). After that life-changing day, prayer took on new meaning. Not only was I linked to God forever through Christ, I had a direct line of prayer to my Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit who lived in me.

The “connection” for this prayer line goes straight through my heart to the ear of God. He is listening to me, ready to answer (Psalm 66:19; Isaiah 65:24; Proverbs 15:29).

Yet it’s not enough to know that this direct line to God exists. Unless we pick up a phone and call, there is no communication; unless we call out to God in prayer, there’s no connection ~ no open line.

The problem is, I often have a mind crowded with everything but God when I come to Him. I rush in to share my petitions, and then get back to my agenda. Connecting with God requires that we take time to “get His number,” so to speak. We need to know how to approach Him. And then we need to recognize who He is, and to worship Him and share our love with Him. We need to seek His face (Psalm 105:4) ~ seek His presence. And the wonderful blessing is that we don’t need any other mediators than the Redeemer Himself! (1 Tim. 2:5)

These days, I don’t come to God casually, or with demands. Yes, I can come boldly, as I read in Hebrews 4:16; but I “call” on the Lord with humility, respect, and adoration, seeking His attention and “laying hold” on Him in the confidence that He hears and cares.

I’m grateful that my Creator is willing to “make the connection” with me, and thankful God has provided for a direct line to His throne room.

(1) Adapted from http://www.jestkidding.com/jokes/church-jokes


One Response to “God’s ‘Direct Line’”

  1. Lynn Mosher February 26, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Love this! My phone line to God is always open. We forget that busyness, sin, etc. cause us to hang up on Him! Love the last paragraphs and scriptures! 😀

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