You’re Always on God’s Mind

18 Mar

Little Billy was allowed to sit in his father’s place at a dinner table one evening when his father was absent.

His slightly older sister, resenting the arrangement, sneered, “So, you’re the father tonight. All right, how much is two times seven?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Billy replied nonchalantly, “I’m busy. Ask your mother!” (1)

There’s nothing that discourages children more than parents who are always too busy to answer questions or spend time with them. Parents who are “too busy” communicate a message that the child is not important or valuable.

When parents are too busy, their children might get adequate care, but they may develop bad behaviors to get noticed, or pull inside themselves, withdrawing from communication with others. They crave their parents’ attention.

God is never too busy for us. Though He is managing His vast creation, He’s still always watching us, always listening, always attentive. David seemed amazed that the God of the universe would care so much. “O Lord,” he said, “what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them?” (Psalm 144:3) We see this same thought in Psalm 8:4.

Isn’t it amazing that we are always on God’s mind? We don’t have to do anything to get His attention but to call out to Him. In Psalm 115:9, the Psalmist said, “The Lord has been mindful of us.” He has not forgotten about us. He remembers us for our good ~ to bless us, to teach us, to discipline us, to shape us, and more. In Psalm 40:5, the Psalmist says that God’s “thoughts toward us cannot be recounted.” God’s thoughts about us are precious, and the Psalmist says, “If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand….” (Psalm 139:17-18)

We cannot know everything God is thinking, but we learn much about His thoughts toward us in the scriptures. We learn that He loves us. We learn that He planned a way for us to be redeemed from sin and live with Him forever. We discover that He wants an intimate, holy relationship with us.

God’s thoughts toward us are always with purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) ~ “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. “

When you feel most alone, most forgotten, remember that God the Father is thinking of you. He is thinking of you with love and He intends to bless you. How comforting to know that you are always on His mind.

(1) 1500 Illustrations for Biblical Preaching, edited by Michael P. Green (Baker Books, 1989) p. 256, #942.


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