Cutting Out the ‘Pork’ in My Life

26 Apr

I have to admit it. I live in California, but I sat in a Southern-style porkulescent stupor one Saturday afternoon, watching several segments of the hit series “BBQ Pitmasters.” On each show, three “grillmasters” competed for the opportunity to go on to win $50,000 as Pitmasters Grand Champion in the finale.

The result of my lazy afternoon? The power of suggestion was so strong, my hubby and I ended up at Phil’s BBQ for dinner!

Beyond the competition, one of the things that intrigues me are some of the names of BBQ teams. Here are a few (of the nicer ones) I can mention, along CutThePork_LOLwith some BBQ restaurant names:

  • Piglicious
  • American Piggers
  • Heavenly Hawgs
  • Dixie Pigs
  • Pig Pickins of America
  • Barbecutie
  • Pork Palace
  • Church of Swinetology
  • Pork-O-Holics
  • Smoked Encounters of the Third Swine
  • Bubba’s Barbeque and Sushi Bar (This restaurant in Alabama apparently didn’t make it. Can’t imagine why.)
  • And my favorite …. Aporkalypse Now

I recently heard a Republican say on television, “We need to cut the pork in Washington.” He wasn’t suggesting we get ready for a barbecue.

To “cut the pork” is to chop out government money spent on projects meant to help officials political careers — to give them political advantage in some way. I totally agree with that.

But this blog isn’t supposed to be about political statements. It’s a devotional. So …

Let me just say this. I think we need to “cut the pork,” spiritually. I know I do.

I don’t know about you, but I think I spend wa-a-a-a-ay too much time thinking about things that will improve my appearance, help my latest cause, or make me more acceptable to or popular with my friends. It’s all about self.

Self-image. Self-absorption. Self-gratification. Self-promotion.

If I cut the pork, spiritually, it means I need to get back to what is important. To spend my life — my time, talents and treasures — on things that really matter.

Not on the self stuff, but on stuff that really matters.

What really matters?

In other words, cutting the pork, spiritually, means getting back to the basics.

It involves courage, not allowing the pressures of the world to conform me to its mold. It means using discernment, because others (even well-meaning Christians) may suggest priorities and “opportunities” that God has not planned for me. It includes intentionality, spending my life wisely, purposefully, biblically.

Does this resonate with you? Do you need to cut the pork too, and get back to what God originally called you to do?


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