Fixin’ What’s Broken

31 May

I’m smiling over this “broken” humor:

Question: What did the bird say after his cage broke? Answer: “Cheap! Cheap!”

Question: What do you give a bird with a broken beak? Answer: Tweetment!

Question: What did the broken pencil say? Answer: “Well, this is pointless!”

Question: What were Tarzan’s words when he broke his leg? Answer: “Who greased that blasted VINE?”


My Grandpa Webb was a pro at “fixin’ what’s broken.” He had a toy workshop in his basement, but he sure knew how to fix things. Maybe I learned my desire to fix broken things from him.

Actually, I don’t call it fixin’ … I call it redeeming.

RedSparkleBlouseI have a favorite red, t-shirt-type blouse with butterfly sleeves. As happens with many of my blouses, when the material rubbed against the button on my jeans, it wore a hole there. It was much loved, so I couldn’t just throw it out. Instead, I “redeemed” the shirt (pictured to the left) by using fabric glue to add little “sparkles” across the shirt. One of them covered the hole. It’s beautiful now, and often complimented!

Some friends turn “shabby” things into chic décor for their homes. That’s redeeming “stuff.” I have friends who have rescued dogs and other animals, and they are much loved pets. That’s redeeming animals.

According to an old story, in Japan around the 15th century an emperor took some damaged pots with visible cracks and ordered repairs. He asked the artisans to use gold lacquer to fill in all the cracks. He Brokenness_Kintsugi-Bowlacknowledged the brokenness, but did something more. He understood the beauty that was possible if he redeemed the cracked pots. (Today, that practice is called Kintsugi.)

I’ve been thinking about that today. I know all of us bear the brokenness of sin. In ourselves, we are deeply and hopelessly damaged. We are “cracked pots.”

But God, our Creator, is also the Redeemer.

To “redeem” in the Bible is to buy back. God’s desire is to buy us back from the destructiveness of sin and eternal death – and give us His righteousness and eternal life. He loves to redeem and repair broken people, and He wants to redeem what the enemy, Satan, has stolen. Sin causes tremendous havoc in our lives, and God wants to redeem us from it all. We can become beautiful because of His grace – new creations to the praise of His glory.

It’s all possible because Jesus paid the price for our redemption.

Scripturally, here’s what that looks like:

So many times, we want God to fix our brokenness, but we won’t give our lives over to His control and care. It’s so foolish … remember, God wants to transform our brokenness into beauty.

Maybe we don’t even realize we’re broken. But how else can we account for the constant “leaking” in our lives? The sense that something is missing … the pain … the lack of purpose?

When we come to the end of ourselves, God is waiting. But how much wiser to acknowledge our brokenness and come running to Him. He alone can fix our spiritual brokenness.

Friend, have you brought your brokenness to God?

If you do not know Him, if you know your soul is broken, here is a suggested prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I know that I am a hopeless sinner and I do not deserve eternal life. But, I believe You died and rose from the grave to make me a new creation and to prepare me to dwell in Your presence forever. Jesus, I respond to Your invitation and I ask You to come into my life, take control of my life, forgive my sins and save my life – redeem my utter brokenness and separation from You. I am now placing my trust in You alone for my salvation and I accept Your free gift of eternal life. Thank You, God, for redeeming me.” Amen.

And if you do know Jesus, but you sense a need for God to reawaken your heart, you might want to pray this prayer (with me) today:

“Lord Jesus, I thank You for redeeming me. Thank You for rescuing me and making me a new creation. Today I sense that You want to draw me to Yourself and heal the areas that are still broken because of my foolish, sinful choices. I need spiritual brokenness over my daily sin. I grieve over its presence in my life. I come to You today in repentance and confession of specific sins. I ask you to awaken and revive my heart. Thank You for working in my life every day to make me more like You, Jesus.” Amen.

Friend, how is God working in your life to redeem what the enemy has stolen? How is He redeeming your sinful choices? Are you hungry for more of Him today?

 – Dawn




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